Virat Kohli | Zainab Ansari and Pakistan

A terrible incident happened in Pakistan few days ago, to which everybody was shocked. A young girl zainab ansari was found dead. People reacted to it badly, there are protests going on in Pakistan to tell the government that they should find the criminal as soon as possible. A lot of celebrities reacted to it as well. Including Indian celebrities, but due to the narrow minded nature of our neighbors they faced some criticism for their nice and sympathetic comments on Pakistan.
ایک انتہائی افسوس ناک واقع جو قصور پاکستان میں پیش آیا، اللہ تعالی زینب انصاری کے والدین کو صبر دے اور درندے کو جلد از جلد انجام سے دو چار کرے ، آمین