How To Etch Anything Using The Sun

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Here is what you’ll need!

How To Etch Anything Using The Sun

Foil tape
Magnifying glasses

Lay out foil tape directly onto the etching medium.
Stencil out, or hand draw your custom design.
Using a precision knife carefully cut out the design.
Peel off the design, leaving the rest of the tape left on the medium.
Take your sunglasses, magnifying glass and gloves outside to start the etching process. Choose the time where the sun is at its strongest.
Position the magnifying glass so the focal point hits the exposed part of your wood or leather.
Steer the magnifying glass, and let the sun do the work.
Peel off the rest of the foil. Wipe off any residue from the tape.
Makes a great gift or make anything personalized and custom!

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