The Greatest Achievement in Speedrunning History Might Happen Soon (Mario Kart 64 PERFECTION!)

One man, Matthias Rustemeyer, is standing on the precipice of what might be the very greatest achievement in all of speedgaming history… holding the World Record on *all* 32 of Mario Kart 64’s Non-Shortcut World Records. But which records, and which fellow Mario Kart 64 gamers are standing in his way?

All of Matthias’ vids can be found on his Youtube channel:
Matthias’ Twitch channel:
Matthias’ MK64 WR history:

Abney’s Youtube channel:
Abney’s Twitch channel:
Abney’s MK64 WR history:

Daniel Burbank’s Twitch channel:
Daniel Burbank’s DKJP 3lap WR:
Daniel Burbank’s MK64 WR history:

Zoran Tintor’s DKJP flap WR:
Zoran’s MK64 WR history:

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Other Mario Kart 64 WR videos and history can be found here:
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