Men Will Be Men BUT RESPECT WOMEN | Season 2 | Episode – 3 | Shanmukh Jaswanth

MEN WILL BE MEN Season 2 Episode 3
Directed by Ramana Teja.
Written by Sathwik.G Roy and Shanmukh.
D.O.P : Vinay Shanmukh and Anand.
Editor : Vinay Shanmukh and Sai Baba.
Cast : Shanmukh Jaswanth, Bhavya Chowdary, KP, Durga rao, Swarna, Ajith Varma and Sathwik.

The mother in every woman, the sister in every woman, the girlfriend, the best friend, the teacher, in every single woman has helped us grow as a man, nurtured us, protected us. Then why do the atrocities happening on women never stop? Lets celebrate them, not objectify them.
This is our effort to show people that Women aren’t objects created just for our entertainment. They deserve to be treated equally, with respect and dignity.
This episode is dedicated to every woman in this world.

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