Kitchen Nightmares US [Season 4 Episode 9] “La Frite”

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Important Announcement!!!
From now on i will be working on subtitles. If anyone wishes to contribute, please go ahead.
Especially if you can do them in other languages.
To do that, Press “…” to the right of “Like Bar” and choose add translations.

Quick Guide on making subtitles.
1. Do not hurry. Do them correctly and at your own pace.
Otherwise, it would only create more work.
2. I will start to publish subtitles in one month, after work on them has been started.
Not earlier. So once again, do not hurry too much.
3. Use correct punctuation. No one wants to read a wall of text.

____________ Q&A ____________

|Q1. Why do you upload so rarely?
|A. I upload only when i have enough content to upload and ready to do that.

|Q2. How much do you earn from the videos on the channel?
|A. Nothing. All ad revenue goes to Youtube. I do not receive a single dollar, even from my own content.

|Q3. Why do you have donation option on your channel?
|A. I do not earn anything from my channel.

|Q4. I do not see the playlists with the Ramsay’s shows on the homepage of your channel. Where are they?
|A. Scroll down to the bottom of the home page and you will find them there.

|Q5. Why i do not see the comment that i just did?
|A. Do not spam, press the comment only one time.
If you still do not see your comment, try again a bit later.

|Q6. Why i got unsubscribed?
|A. There is ongoing issue with Youtube algorithms that can suddenly unsubscribe you, for unknown reasons.
|The only way to avoid that, is to make sure to periodicaly check your subscription, at least once a week.


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