Fergie struggled to fight back happy tears as Andrew delivered a moving speech during the reception

1. The reason for Princess Beatrice’s ‘hands-off’ Maid of Honour duties.

Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank tied the knot in a glorious ceremony in Windsor on Friday, marking the second Royal Wedding of the year.
However, onlookers couldn’t help but notice the curious role her sister Princess Beatrice played in the lavish proceedings.
As the official maid of honour, the 30-year-old royal was expected to be the one making a fuss over the bride, but instead she seemed more concerned with her mother, Sarah Fergusson.

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2. Sarah Ferguson was brought to happy tears at Princess Eugenie’s wedding reception.
Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York cried tears of happiness at her daughter Eugenie’s wedding on Friday, the first time she has been back in the royal fold for nearly 20 years.
According to guests, Sarah struggled to fight back tears as her ex-husband the Duke of York delivered a moving and funny speech during the reception at Windsor Castle following the couple’s wedding on Friday.

3. Royal fans convinced Sarah Ferguson & Prince Andrew back together – and demand they make it official.

Princess Eugenie tied the knot with Jack Brooksbank in a star-studded Royal Wedding in the middle of an actual storm.

But while all eyes were on the happy couple Sarah Ferguson & Prince Andrew – some focused their attention on a certain pair of royals in the pews.

4. The meaning behind Princess Beatrice’s bee brooch worn to the royal wedding.

Princess Beatrice wore a brooch with a bee on it to the wedding of Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank. Sure, her name is Beatrice, so the “bee” brooch makes sense, but palace sources say that it’s just a happy accident that Bea was sporting a “bee” pin.