By the way, This Button Will Give You $1 MILLION But…

What are you willing to do for money?

Animator: Mona – too cool for links

So hear me out; After finishing our recording session and getting Mona to animate the video, we found out that a channel called ‘picnicface’ and ‘Rooster Teeth’ has made the same joke we did at the beginning of the video. For transparency sake: yes, I did see those videos a long time ago but I have forgotten about them. However, we didn’t script this in any way, I just displayed the question and Stephen just… started being Stephen.
We talked about different moral situations – inspired by the movie “The Button” made in 2009. Would you kill 1 random person you do not know for $1 million dollars? Would you risk destroying the earth in order to achieve eternal peace? Would you suffer for the greater good? Probably not.


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